How to Use LeaderboardHQ

After you have created a new leaderboard, click the button to add a player. Continue adding players as needed.

Once players are added, you have the option to Add Scores. You have the option to add points to any players. The Add Scores window will list each player's current score by their name. Enter the number of points to ADD to each player's score. New score calculations are automatically completed with updated leaderboard rankings. Each scoring event is considered a round/game, and the number of rounds/games will be listed above the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Settings

Click the Settings tab to see the leaderboard options.


You can customize the Title and Description of the leaderboard. Replace the default text with your own.

Leaderboard Rank Preference

The leaderboard order can be changed to rank by the Lowest Score or the Highest Score. Select your preference from the dropdown.

Scoring Format

The scoring format can be entered and displayed as whole numbers or decimals. The display options are without decimals, one decimal, or two decimal places. This setting can be changed at any time. Rounding may occur, depending on how scores are entered and as display preferences are changed.

It is possible to allow each player to submit their own scores. With this option allowed, retrieve each player's individual self-scoring link by clicking the edit icon next to their name in the admin view of the leaderboard. Provide this link to the player, and they can submit scores from there.

By default, each individual score update is considered a "round." The leaderboard will be immediately updated, the "Total Rounds" will increase by one, and any Player Elimination settings will be honored. You can change the "Batch Processing" setting to "Yes" to hold scoring updates until players have submitted scores in the current round. Players will be prevented from submitting more than one score, and scores can still be submitted from the admin view (pending scores and newly-entered scores).

Reset Leaderboard, Sets and All-Time Sets Leaders

There is a "Reset Leaderboard" option that will zero-out all scores. All players are retained.

Each time the Reset Leaderboard option is chosen, a new "set" is created. Leaders at the time of the reset are considered the set winner. By default, leaderboards with one or more reset events will list all-time set winners below the leaderboard. If preferred, this list can be hidden be setting the All-Time "Sets" Leaders option to Do Not Show.

This setting can be shown or hidden at any time without affecting past results

Player Elimination

By default, players are never eliminated from the leaderboard. Last-place players can be automatically eliminated at the end of each round or each time the leaderboard is reset by changing the Player Elimination setting.

There are three elimination options:

Eliminated players will be shown in a separate list below the leaderboard.

If one of the "Eliminate Each Round" options is chosen, a second option is available to reinstate players when the leaderboard is reset. The default is to not reinstate players.

Public Display Status

Public leaderboards may be shown on our Most Active page. This preference can be changed to Private to prevent being shown here. This does not affect your sharing options listed below.


It will be important to remember the link to your leaderboard. Since accounts and registrations are not required for the free leaderboard app, your only connection to your leaderboard is its unique address.

Click the Share tab to see the two link options.

Copy and keep a record of the admin link, which you can also share with anyone you would like to have the ability to control the leaderboard players, scores and settings.

Copy and share the public leaderboard link with anyone you would like to allow to view the leaderbord but not make any changes.