How to Use LeaderboardHQ

After you have created a new leaderboard, click the button to add a player. Continue adding players as needed.

Once players are added, you have the option to Add Scores. You have the option to add points to any players. The Add Scores window will list each player's current score by their name. Enter the number of points to ADD to each player's score. New score calculations are automatically completed with updated leaderboard rankings. Each scoring event is considered a round/game, and the number of rounds/games will be listed above the leaderboard.

Leaderboard Settings

Click the Settings tab to see the leaderboard options.

You can customize the Title and Description of the leaderboard.

The leaderboard order can be changed to rank by the Lowest Score or the Highest Score.

There is a "Reset Leaderboard" option that will zero-out all scores. All players are retained.

Each time the Reset Leaderboard option is chosen, a new "set" is created. Leaders at the time of the reset are considered the set winner. By default, leaderboards with one or more reset events will list all-time set winners below the leaderboard. If preferred, this list can be hidden be setting the All-Time "Sets" Leaders option to Do Not Show.


It will be important to remember the link to your leaderboard. Since accounts and registrations are not required for the free leaderboard app, your only connection to your leaderboard is its unique address.

Click the Share tab to see the two link options.

Copy and keep a record of the admin link, which you can also share with anyone you would like to have the ability to control the leaderboard players, scores and settings.

Copy and share the public leaderboard link with anyone you would like to allow to view the leaderbord but not make any changes.