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Generate a leaderboard for games, trivia, sports and competitions at work, school or with family and friends.

Keep a running game-night leaderboard tally. Ditch the pencil and paper. Automatically keeps track of all-time wins for ultimate bragging rights!

Motivate employees with friendly sales competition leaderboards.

Engage students and have fun with classroom contests and track academic achievements.

Full of features

We dont just keep the score:

  • Rank by highest or lowest score
  • Customize the leaderboard title and description
  • Scores can be positive, negative, whole numbers or decimals
  • Reset leaderboard scores for easy reuse
  • Leaderboard Stats, all-time rounds scored and set leaders
  • Player elimination: Options to eliminate the last place player

And more coming as we improve the site ...

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Made to look good on a computer, tablet or phone. The online leaderboard can be viewed in any browser. No ads or annoying graphics.

It's a much easier and better looking option than creating a leaderboard in Google Sheets or Excel.

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Share admin or private links for others to edit or just view the online leaderboard from anywhere.

Allow players to update their own scores through individual scoring links.

Display your leaderboard on your own website with a custom script tag.

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